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IQ GAMES has been a well-known brand since 2001, when we launched our first 3D wooden logic games on the European market. Most of the products in this series are based on new and original concepts worldwide, being developed by the IQ GAMES creative team and protected by copyright and numerous international registrations. The quality of IQ GAMES wooden products is exceptional, most of them being made of untreated natural wood or coated with natural oils or water-based paints.

Since 2003, the IQ GAMES brand has been present every year at the Spielwarenmesse fair in Nürnberg, the largest toy fair in the world.

In 2010, our activity expanded through a new brand: Deico Games, which also contains puzzles for children and adults, board and strategy games, educational, creative and magnetic games, as well as natural wooden construction blocks.

Most of the products in the IQ GAMES offer are entirely manufactured in Romania, usually from natural or recyclable materials, by an enthusiastic and professional team.
We invite you to discover all the products from the IQ GAMES and Deico Games range in our online store!

Creativity Toys

Our creative toys develop children's dexterity and open up to some craft activities in a fun way.

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Building Blocks

The building blocks we offer are made of untreated natural wood, or wood treated with natural oils or water-based paints. You can choose from sets of 45, 48 or 82 pieces.

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Board Games

Our board and strategy games include games of varying complexity for different age groups: simple and intuitive ones for school and preschoolers, letter games, educational, skill and strategy games for adults, such as Chess or Go.

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Educational Games

Our educational games develop children's logic, memory, attention and dexterity and help acquire basic knowledge through play.

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3D Logic Puzzles

Our range of 3D logic games contains over 40 puzzles of varying complexity: Basic, Maxi, Expert, Evolution, Dracula's Knots. Each category includes puzzles with multiple levels of difficulty.

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Travel Games

Choose a Travel Games edition and take your games on the journey!

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