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Wooden Mikado

Wooden Mikado

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Wooden Mikado

Game rules
The first player holds all the sticks together in one hand and lets them fall onto the table in a bundle. If the sticks fall in an unfavourable pattern, the player can repeat this process up to 3 times. The next player (on the left) tries to pick up a stick without touching or moving the others. If he/she succeeds, he/she may try to pick up another stick, and so on, until he/she accidentally moves another stick of the bundle. In case of this error, the sticks touched must remain in the bundle. Then it is the next player’s turn. If a player picks up the Mikado stick, it can be used to pick up other sticks. When all the sticks have been picked up, players count their points and the one with the highest score wins the game.

The box contains 26 wooden sticks with different values:

  • Bonzen / red-blue striped / 10 x 2 points,
  • Kuli / red-yellow-blue striped / 11 x 3 points,
  • Mandarin / blue-red-blue striped / 2 x 5 points,
  • Samurai / red-blue-red-blue-red striped / 2 x 10 points,
  • Mikado / with a blue ribbon / 1 x 20 points.

Content: 26 wooden sticks.

Recommended from 5 years


  • Wood


6*6*32,3 cm

  • Cardboard


The delivery is carried out by Cargus (Standard Economic), in 2-5 days, the delivery fee is 22 RON.

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