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Unstable Tower® - Color Plus

Unstable Tower® - Color Plus

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Unstable Tower® - Color Plus

Rules of the game
Let’s build a base tower (Fig. 1) first and shuffle the deck of cards! Players, one after another, take the top card and follow its instructions to make the tower higher without collapsing... then the next player moves.

Cards (Fig. 2) may instruct to:

  • do nothing
  • move 1/2/3 blocks of the same given colour (natural, red or blue)
  • reverse the order of the players after following the next card’s instructions


Players may move blocks with one hand only! The topmost level must be completed (with all 3 blocks) before starting a new one! Players may try moving a block, but if that is unsuccessful, it must be pushed back into its initial position! The winner is the last player who successfully completed the instructions before the tower collapsed!

Content: 57 wooden blocks, 33 playing cards.

Recommended from 4 years


  • Wood
  • Cardboard


8*8*33,5 cm

  • Cardboard


The delivery is carried out by Cargus (Standard Economic), in 2-5 days, the delivery fee is 22 RON.

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