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Unstable Tower® - Travel edition

Unstable Tower® - Travel edition

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Unstable Tower® - Travel edition

The purpose of the game is to build the tallest possible tower using the base tower’s (Fig. 1) blocks without collapsing. The base tower is built by the first player laying 3 blocks next to each other on a flat surface. The 3 blocks of the next level should be rotated by 90 degrees compared to the previous level. The player who built the base tower starts the game by pulling out a block from anywhere except the last level and placing it on the top. Every player can move one block and he/she can only use one hand to do so. The last level should be fully competed with all 3 blocks before starting a new level. The players can test if a block is easy to move, but if a block is moved it should be placed at its original position before testing another block. The winner of the game is the last player who successfully placed a block without collapsing.

Content: 42 wooden blocks.

Recommended from 4 years


  • Wood


21*21*5 cm

  • Paper
  • Cardboard


The delivery is carried out by Cargus (Standard Economic), in 2-5 days, the delivery fee is 22 RON.

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